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Chile Pepper Caramel Corn - Available Now in three heat levels for
those with only a mild spicy palette to the most discerning, true,
knuckle dragging chilehead!  
Available varieties:
*MILD (cayenne pepper)
*HOT (habanero pepper)
*INSANE (Ghost Pepper) -
sorry, currently sold out
*Note: Decorative Tin may differ from picture
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The Sauces
Chipotle Finishing Sauce - Our Chipotle sauce is really something special.  
Smoky Jalapenos with a touch of brown sugar and caramel. Our favorite
uses of this, aside from dipping or snacking, are as a marinade/basting
sauce on grilled meats, eggs, burgers, dogs.
Mild heat level - use on almost anything!
Caribbean Habanero Sauce - Our customers love this  sauce! This product
is hot, however the emphasis is always on flavor with just the right amount
of spice.  We use Red Dominican Habanero with Mango, Papaya, Lime,
Onion & Carrots to create this sauce.
Raspberry Rush - New & Improved - Now with twice the Raspberry! This
sauce has lots of red raspberry with a nice blend of Habanero chile pepper.  
You can use it liberally on seafood, chicken, pork, lamb or just about
anywhere you want to add some heat with the incredibly unique tart flavor
of the red raspberry.
Fatalii Fantasii Sauce - Escape to the islands with this truly unique eastern
Caribbean themed sauce featuring the Fatalii and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet
peppers with mustard, mango, lemon and island spices of nutmeg,
coriander, ginger and allspice.  This very hot sauce is excellent with chicken
and other meats, rice, curry, soups or use to just jazz up your burgers and
Jolokia Haze Sauce - Featuring the Bhut Jolokia chile pepper, recently
named the hottest chile pepper in the world at over 1,000,000 scoville units.
We blend a healthy amount of Bhut Jolokia, Scotch Bonnet and Chocolate
Habanero chile peppers with lime and garlic to develop this wonderful blend
of both extreme heat and flavor.  We do not use pepper extracts
Screamin' Scorpion Sauce - Using the two hottest chile peppers in the world
we've blended the scorching 1.6 million scoville unit Moruga Scorpion and
Trinidad Scorpion chile peppers with applesauce, white pepper, lemon, onion
powder and schezuan peppercorn for an amazing , mouth numbing sauce.
We use only fresh peppers and never any pepper extracts. Try o
ur hottest
sauce yet!!!
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The Pepper Jams
Peach Mango Habanero Jam - Our most popular Jam!  Combining the
classic Summer Peach with equal amounts of tropical Mango fruit and
just the right amount of Habanero chile pepper to give it a good kick but
not overpower.  Spread over cream cheese and serve with crackers.  
Makes an incredible glaze on chicken, pork, lamb, seafood. Available in
Medium with habanero and X-Hot with ghost pepper.
Strawberry Habanero Jam - A seasonal favorite!  A classic jam with that
familiar Strawberry flavor accompanied by just the right amount of
Habanero chile pepper.  This isn't your Grandma's Strawberry Jam!  
Sweet Red Pepper Jalapeno Jam - Absolutely wonderful combination of
Sweet Red and Jalapeno pepper to create this delicious red masterpiece.  
Not only is this good with cream cheese, it's the ideal compliment to any
roasted meat or sandwich combination.  Feature at your holiday table as
an alternative to cranberry sauce!  Available in Mild and Hot (with
Habanero) versions.  NEW - now available in X-Hot with Ghost Pepper,
our hottest pepper jam yet!
Sorry, Hot version is currently sold out.
Apricot Habanero Jam - A seasonal favorite!  A classic jam with that
familiar Apricot flavor accompanied by just the right amount of Habanero
chile pepper.  Available while supplies last.
Jalapeno Lime Jam - a refreshing mild pepper jam combining Jalapeno
and Green Pepper with fresh squeezed lime juice and lime rind.  This
goes really great on grilled fish, as a topping on cottage cheese, mixed
with your favorite salad dressing or with some soft cheese and crackers.
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Specialty Products
Bread & Butter Jalapeno - A Pennsylvania Dutch favorite with a twist!  
Crunchy sliced Jalapenos and sweet Spanish Onions in that familiar
sweet and tangy flavor.  Great on sandwiches, burgers, with cheese and
crackers or just eat them right out of the jar!
Bread & Butter Habanero - Similar to it’s little sister, the Bread and Butter
Jalapeno, this product is made from the same recipe, but with a much
hotter pepper.  You can use it as a topping on your favorite sandwich, as
a spicy garnish, with some softened cream cheese for a fabulous dip or
any other creative way you want to add some heat with the great flavor
tradition of the bread and butter pickle.
Jalapeno Sweet Relish - Not just for Hot Dogs!  A special blend of
Jalapeno chile pepper with sweet red pepper and Spanish onions makes
this an incredible gourmet treat.  Use it on burgers, dogs, sausage or mix
with cream cheese for a festive dip.
Sorry, 16oz size currently sold out.
Fat Sam’s Original Sassy Salsa – Our salsa is a true authentic
southwestern style salsa using only fresh ingredients.  You’ll enjoy the
perfect blend of tomatoes, onions, sweet and hot peppers, garlic, basil,
parsley, olive oil, cilantro, and ground black pepper.  Use it on eggs,
quesadillas, burritos, mix with nacho cheese for a great dip / topping or
just enjoy with some tortilla chips. Available in Regular and Chipotle.
Sorry, Chipotle currently sold out.
Heirloom Tomato Fatalli Pepper Salsa - Our newest salsa features the
Paulina heirloom tomato native to Czechoslovakia and the Fatalii chile
pepper native to South Africa for a truly unique, robust and great tasting
hot salsa.
Chile Pepper Rainbow - a course grind dry chile pepper mix available in a
4 ounce spice jar.  We do not add any salt or fillers.  The Habanero Blend
contains Red and Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii, Scotch Bonnet and Red
Bell Pepper while the Jolokia Blend kicks it way up with the addition of
the Bhut Jolokia, aka the Ghost Pepper.  Great for soup, stew, pizza, stir
fry and anything else you want to give a jolt to.  
Our HOTTEST Product!  
Chile Pepper Honey Roasted Almonds - These healthy snackers are
roasted and blended with honey, turbinado sugar, kosher salt and
dried cayenne/habanero/ghost chile pepper.
Once you start, they're hard to put down.
Available in:
*HOT (habanero pepper) and
*INSANE (Ghost Pepper) varieties.
*packed in tamper resistant plastic
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