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Competition BBQ Mop Sauce
"Fuego Picante"
all natural  * no preservatives * gluten free

For an extremely limited time we are offering this all new sauce
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Competition BBQ Mop Sauce (Fuego Picante) - New for 2014!  We've combined some amazing all
natural ingredients based on years of research to come up with this bold, flavorful, sweet and spicy
BBQ sauce. You'll find the combination of apricot, raisin, dark brown sugar, molasses, tomato, onion,
garlic, cocoa and other natural ingredients with red jalapeno and smoked habanero pepper to give it
just the heat you'd expect from us.

Use for all your BBQ meats and vegetables, as a wing sauce, dipping sauce, condiment; there are no
limitations on the many uses for this incredible sauce.
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30% Off
30% Off